Social Advertising Doesn’t Work for Firearm Companies

If you are a 2nd Amendment company or a firearms company, then social media advertising is not for you.  It is actually a waste of money, more now than even 6 months ago.  Why?  Well, it is simple, social media is trying to mute anyone and everyone that supports firearms, the 2nd Amendment, and our Freedoms.  They will gladly take your money but you will get diminished results compared to what you would have 6 months to a year ago.

How do I know this, you might be asking.  Well, I manage a number of clients social media marketing and it has become very clear.  Over the last 3 months we have seen some huge decline in the number of people reached.  Below you will see on the right the most current number from a boosted post that lasted 3 days, we spent $75.00 on the post to boost a contest.  We only reached just over 5,000 people.  The results on the left show what happened with the same audience, same dollar amount, and another contest that was boosted.  We got almost 15,000 people reached.  Now if I look back one more month we would see that we got about 4,000 more people reached than the 14,731.


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So if you are firearms, firearm accessory or 2nd Amendment company, you should be worried.  And you need to stop spending money on Advertising on Facebook today.  Save your money.  You are wasting it if you are spending it on Facebook for boosted post or advertising.

Don’t worry, if you cannot advertise you still have another option.  Learn how to grow organically the right way.  Yea it takes a bit more work, some research, and a little know how but you can get more traffic for free without spending any money on advertising.  How you might ask?

Easy.  You share your stuff to groups, your page, get other people to share your content.  Get back to what social media is all about, sharing and growing.  Advertising has always been the fast road, and now it has been taken away.  Now you need to start building something that cannot be taken away as fast, built to last and built the right way.