With over 1 billion individuals on Instagram every month, Instagram is an incredibly well-liked social network outlet. To help you fully understand that number, the United States population is over 325 million. Growing Instagram followers and engagement can equate to more sales for your business, more people seeing your blogs, and a better community for your brand. You may wonder how some individuals have thousands upon thousands of followers on Instagram. Well, here are some tactics to help you get more Instagram followers and engagement.


Tactic #1 – Posting Videos, Live Videos, and Stories


The power of online video is becoming evident to more and more businesses. Those businesses are seeing video’s essential role that they play in their content marketing strategy. Especially with social media networks, video has become a heavily shared content format on the Internet.


 Tactic #2 – User-Generated Content


Think of positive user-generated content as an endorsement. User-generated content relies on these endorsements, unlike advertisements which are small sales pitches from brands trying to sell things. People place more value on favorable, unbiased reviews as a source of product information than a generic ad. Influencer’s endorsement, paid or unpaid, are usually looked at as useful tips or advice instead of product pitches.


A frequently forgotten advantage of user-generated content is that it can be a gold mine of data. You can get vital insights from evaluating this content. These insights will tell you what your audience finds interesting so you can better understand them. When applying the concepts of a data-driven content marketing techniques, these insights will help increase sales and produce more leads.


Tactic #3 – Collaborating with Others on Social Media


Take into consideration the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work?” for a minute. There is a massive amount of truth to this statement. Working with others enables you to have a new audience, fresh ideas, and fresh point-of-views. One of the best ways for you to get the most out of your social media marketing is collaboration. It shouldn’t surprise you that social media is all about being social, and collaboration is a great way to get the most from your efforts. Marketing no longer means that you need to work alone. You need to build relationships with people that have the same objectives and goals as you.


The key to success in a business environment that can be cutthroat sometimes is very often collaboration. Working together can be a considerable asset in strategic marketing. Any business can benefit from collaboration with like-minded individuals for events, communication, and media publications.


Tactic #4 – Using Your Analytics


There are so many ways to benefit from working to understand your target market. As an example, you can better recognize the best time to share posts by analyzing what you have posted in the past. You will also be able to understand what kind of content gets the best results by analyzing your social media networks. When taking into consideration your Facebook or Twitter accounts, you can see if images, links, or videos perform better. You can also see which images perform best on more visual-centric networks like Instagram and Pinterest.


Tracking your competitors through social media analytics can be a useful but an under-appreciated analytical tool. You can learn a lot about your audience from your competitors. Which strategies are working for them, and which ones aren’t? Who is responding to their posts, and how are they responding? It can be useful to look at a more significant, established business in the same niche or market as yours to help get you pointed in the right direction.


Tactic #5 – Cross-Posting


It is much easier to be active on your social networks when cross-posting. If you are a reputable brand, your consumers will enjoy getting a steady stream of information and updates from your active social media accounts as opposed to an account that doesn’t post as often. You may very likely suffer from a loss of Instagram followers and engagement and a decline in your subscriber rate if you are not active on your social media accounts.


Cross-posting works so well because it gives you the ability to take one piece of content and spread it across many social media platforms. This content, in turn, will provide you with healthy and active social networks. Your healthy social networks will help you keep your existing audience, widen your reach as well as bring in new followers.


Make time every day to carry out these tactics. It can be as simple as using the time while you are waiting for your Uber or for a meeting to start, or you can plan a specific time every day to work on them.


A better following on Instagram becomes very difficult if you don’t put in the time to work on it daily. Then, you must track your results and fine-tune anything that isn’t working well for you. Don’t ever quit trying to improve and surpass your efforts. Look toward the future and imagine what multiplying your Instagram followers and engagement would mean for your business. These are only a few tactics that we recommend to help grow your Instagram followers and engagement. Come back next week to learn about more of the tactics that will help you.