Truth about Sitemaps

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In all my years of WordPress Development, Traffic Growth and SEO, I have seen several clients with wild mistaken beliefs concerning XML sitemaps. They’re useful, for sure– but like any tool, a little training, and background on exactly how all the little bits work goes a long way. Submitting A Sitemap Doesn’t Make Google Index […]

Content Is King!

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I have been around the search marketing block a few times, and I have explained to clients more times than I can count, that Content Is King. I recognize it sounds redundant, yet until more business do a better job focusing on their Website copy, I figure I will keep saying it. Well, composed content […]

Social Advertising Doesn’t Work for Firearm Companies

Social Advertising a waste of money for firearm companies

Social Advertising Doesn’t Work for Firearm Companies If you are a 2nd Amendment company or a firearms company, then social media advertising is not for you.  It is actually a waste of money, more now than even 6 months ago.  Why?  Well, it is simple, social media is trying to mute anyone and everyone that […]

Why Does Your Website’s Speed Matter?

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Why Does Your Website’s Speed Matter? A sure-fire way to make or break your online business or your website is to have a slow website. A slow loading website will affect everything from your traffic, page views, sales, conversion, and even your SEO page rank. If your website is slow the good news is that […]