Lead Capture Script

  • Please fill out every question below as best as you can.

  • (Ex: Peter Quill)
  • "welcome to ______."
    (ex: Starlordsreturn.com)
  • "_______ are my target audience."
    (Ex: Defenders of the Galaxy)
  • Speaking directly to your audience - 'I know you really want to _______."
    (Ex: defend the galaxy from evil."
  • "They really want to know (how to) _______."
    (Ex: how to defend the Galaxy and survive while listening to 80's music."
  • "When you opt in, you get ________."
    (Ex: Awesome Mix Vol. 0 for FREE")
  • "We've created an ebook that explains _______."
    (Ex: the three biggest hurdles every Defender of the Galaxy faces AND how to overcome them.")
  • "Also, on the next page, you'll get all the details about _____."
    (Ex: how you can immediately get started in our training program to get you ready to Defend the Galaxy)