Writing Great Blog Posts: 10 Tips to Make That Happen

writing great blog posts

In order for your business to establish a strong web presence, you need constant engagement and communication with your customers, and one way to do this is by writing great blog posts.   A blog is an inexpensive but powerful tool for building brand awareness or visibility, especially when you are using search engine optimization […]

Increasing Conversions: 3 Ways Video Marketing Can Help

increasing conversions

Social media marketing with the use of video promotes your brand, products, and services. They can do this with demos, testimonials, webinars, live stream events, post-purchase onboarding, and digital ads. Video advertising has the highest click-through rate among all digital ad formats. They are efficient in engaging potential high-quality leads to know more about your […]

Free Keyword Research Tools: The 7 Best Tools for 2020

keyword research tools

Keyword research is at the core of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It involves identifying the most commonly used words or phrases that people search for on the internet. For this reason, it gives marketers an idea of the demand for specific keywords and how competitive it is to rank for these terms on the search […]

More Website Traffic: 5 Ways to Get You There

more website traffic

Since 4.33 billion people across the globe are internet users, only businesses that can effectively market their products and services online will get the chance for exposure to potential customers. More website traffic is synonymous with business growth, so you have to pay the utmost attention to developing your website. With website traffic being the […]

Truth about Sitemaps

Wordpress sitemaps, wordpress development, wordpress traffic growth

In all my years of WordPress Development, Traffic Growth and SEO, I have seen several clients with wild mistaken beliefs concerning XML sitemaps. They’re useful, for sure– but like any tool, a little training, and background on exactly how all the little bits work goes a long way. Submitting A Sitemap Doesn’t Make Google Index […]

Social Advertising Doesn’t Work for Firearm Companies

Social Advertising a waste of money for firearm companies

Social Advertising Doesn’t Work for Firearm Companies If you are a 2nd Amendment company or a firearms company, then social media advertising is not for you.  It is actually a waste of money, more now than even 6 months ago.  Why?  Well, it is simple, social media is trying to mute anyone and everyone that […]

Why Does Your Website’s Speed Matter?

Website Speed Matters, wordpress optimization, wordpress speed, site speed

Why Does Your Website’s Speed Matter? A sure-fire way to make or break your online business or your website is to have a slow website. A slow loading website will affect everything from your traffic, page views, sales, conversion, and even your SEO page rank. If your website is slow the good news is that […]