How It All Started

Tier 1 Marketing Solutions was created when Eric Wickham and Jake McCluskey decided to create a marketing agency that would change how marketing was done in the shooting, outdoors and hunting industry.  So they joined forces and created Tier 1 Marketing Solutions, with the mission of providing 2nd Amendment, Veteran and Outdoor Product companies with high quality services based on date that would help grow companies rapidly.  Tier 1 Marketing Solutions is a different kind of marketing agency when it comes to projects, unlike most companies, we only work with companies that we know we can provide results to, keeping clear communication the entire way.  

why us?

We will provide real solutions based on data.  We actually get to the bottom of your marketing problems.   We look for the why of your problems, because once you isolate the problem it can be corrected and monitored.

We don’t do band aids.

We don’t do paid advertising that drives traffic to a crappy under performing website,  We look at the website for example and see what is driving your customers away or why it is not effectively growing organically or converting customers.
Yes, we understand you may already have a lot of time invested in your current marketing programs, but are they making you money? are they attracting the right clients?

Most companies especially, smaller ones have cobbled together marketing components as they went along without a plan. Now they find themselves wondering why things aren’t effective and the ROI isn’t there. Even large companies have the same issues over time.

Your marketing strategy and its components must work together to function at their best. We do a full diagnostic analysis on your website, social media, branding and current marketing strategies already in place. We ask the hard questions about your company, Why, because we are business owners as well and understand what every dollar means.

Once problems and growth areas are identified we will provide you with solutions for the issues and a plan of action based on your budget and goal requirements at the time to return the greatest ROI for you as possible.

Oh and we hold ourselves accountable..  when was the last time you had a marketing item delivered to you on time….?    It’s time for a change.

We are changing how marketing agencies run, by good ole’ fashioned customer service.

Meet The Team

Eric Wickham - Master Photographer and Videographer

Favorite Quotes

“Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead.” – David Farragut

“There are so many people out there who will tell you it CAN’T be done. What YOU have to do is turn around and say “WATCH ME” 

“Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.” 

Eric Wickham - Founder

Eric Wickham is an international and published photographer, and visual marketing consultant. He possesses a unique capability to provide unique and quality imagery under any circumstances all while creating compelling images to showcase your brand or product. His companies  RGB Imaging and Tier One marketing Solutions are based on a simple grounded business principles which allow it to find the best approach for any client project allowing them have the greatest return on investment. His work ethics and quality photography have allowed him to be frequently called upon to provide images and consultation for various DOD Organizations. Eric was hand selected by Google to be the first provider of the “Google Business Photos” program in the state of Virginia. Eric currently provides imagery and image consultation to various international and national level organizations and companies and media organizations.

Eric is currently a Member of the Professional Photographers of America, American Society of Media Photographers and American Marketing Association. Eric is the Official Photographer for Combat Wounded Coalition Wear a National Non-Profit that benefits and helps the Combat Disabled Active Duty and Veterans of our country.

Eric retired from Naval service in 2011 at which time he purchased RGB Imaging and rebranded the company to become what it is today.

Jake McCluskey - WordPress Guru and Traffic Growth Expert

Favorite Quotes

“High tides raise all ships.” – JFK

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” 

Jake McCluskey - Chief Technology Officer

At one time Jake served in the Navy, but for the last 15 years he has been focused on helping businesses grow, expand, and prosper.  His main focus is on the tech side of Tier 1.  If you can dream it up for a website he can build it.

He specializes in WordPress Development and extreme traffic generation for your website.  Knowing that if he can generate you a positive ROI in both traffic and sales you will keep coming back to him for all your future online needs.  

When not coding a website you will find him helping people automate tasks that are time killers online.  From automated newsletters, to automating just about every other task that you hate.  Jake has most likely done it for a client or two and is ready to tackle it for you also.

After hours you will find Jake and his family at the range, where he is in the process of teaching his two young daughters how to shoot.  He hopes in the next year to get them into both pistol and rifle competitions, he figures that teaching them to shoot and respect firearms is much better than a restraining order.

Jake is a HUGE 2nd Amendment supporter, a member of the NRA, Instructor for Just Yell Fire, and First Responder.

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