Veteran OWned
& Supporting Our Troops

We are Veteran owned and operated, and have a strong love for our country and fellow Veteran, First Responders and Patriotic Americans.  We provide a discount to all Veteran and First Responder owned companies.

Veteran Owned

Both owners are US Navy Veterans, Proud Americans, 2nd Amendment Supporters, believe the Constitution is still relevant and speak our mind.

Veteran Support

We want to help fellow Veterans do more than increase sales. We give back to various Veteran Charities that help support Veterans in need.

Don’t get us wrong we love the Phone book, they make great targets…

If you want to continue pursuing marketing in the same manner you have been, great go ahead.


If you want to start coloring out of the box, and stand out from your competition and peers, then give us a call.

About Tier One Marketing Solutions

What happens when 2 leaders in their respective fields come together to do it their way and change a industry?          This is our story. 

The current marketing industry is broken. We are tired of hearing about clients getting taken advantage of and not getting the results they need for the health of their business. It is time for some change in the marketing industry. We separately always put our respective clients first, We are not afraid to tell you “you don’t need that or that is a waste of money” The difference is we will show you why. We will not talk you into service you don’t need. We will find the best solution to your problem without wasting your money. If you want to throw your money away we will gladly point you in the direction of a good credible charity.


Photos Taken
WordPress Sites Developed
Increased Traffic
Donated to Veterans


We offer services to Veteran, Law Enforcement or 2nd Amendment supporting companies.  Our Primary industries served are the Outdoors, Hunting, Defense and Firearms industries.


Product, Portrait, and Onsite
Your photos can make or break your brand, your website and your products.  Research has shown that quality product photos increase sales.  Let us help you increase your sales.

web design

built to convert and look great
Websites should work for you, be easy to update, convert visitors, and help bring your brand to the world.  Our WordPress experts can assist you getting a great website.


Commercials to 3d Animation
We offer full service video production be it a short online commercial to a full tv series.  We have the experience to make your next project a success.


increase page rank & Traffic
Just having a great looking website isn't enough these days.  You need to get ranked with Google, and we can help this happen for you.  

Who We've Worked With

WHy Tier one?

We treat every project as a mission and success is the only option

Mission Objective

We help find your mission objective, making sure it is clear, measurable, and believable. Your objective will make sure you get the results you want.

Recon Competition

By knowing your enemy, you learn there weaknesses and we can use these against them to help your company win and succeed.

Identify Resources

In our case this means your social media accounts, website, online connections, your products, your services, or anything else to help you accomplish your objective.

Evaluate Past Performance

Knowing what has and hasn't worked in the past helps us understand and build you a better plan. There is no reason for us to relive your history, we only want to focus on a better future for your business.

Plan Course of Action

We don't hide behind ticket & support systems, we love talking to a human as much as you do, so when you contact us you get a person living here in the US. No Ticket Systems. No Offsite Support.

Contingency Planning

Even with the best plan to succeed, we know stuff can go sideways. With everything we do we always have a contingency plan to make sure that what we deliver will help you succeed.

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